Activities: FSP Digital Humanities

In the winter semester 2022/23 the Forschungsschwerpunkt invites all interested colleagues to join us at the Introductory Lecture Course, organized by Tara Andrews. After each unit there will be a small reception with fingerfood & drinks.


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The FSP Digital Humanities has existed for two years, led by Wolfgang Schmale (2014–15) and Stefan Zahlmann (2015–16) respectively; as of November 2016 it will be led by Tara Andrews, the newly installed Professor of Digital Humanities. The following activities related to the FSP have taken place in the past two years; it is to be expected with the installation of the new professorship that activity in this FSP will increase dramatically in the coming three years.


             Fritz Mitthof led an FWF-funded project "Von der Schatzsuche zur Archäologie: Die Wiederentdeckung der Hauptstadt des Dakerreiches Sarmizegetusa Regia in Siebenbürgen unter Kaiser Franz II./I." that ran until 2015. In this context his team developed an online database concerning antique objects, reception of antique culture and the history of archaeology in modern Siebenbürgen. The database contains archival information from the state archives in Vienna, Budapest, Cluj and Sibiu, including documents in German, Hungarian and Latin as well as pictures, transcriptions, and maps. The database will be made publicly accessible after the publication of the associated monograph.

             Tara Andrews has brought to Vienna an SNSF-funded project "The Chronicle of Matthew of Edessa Online", which will run until 2018 in the first instance. In this context her group is making a digital edition of an Armenian text that is important for the history of the First Crusade, which will be made available under an open-access license; the project also includes the development of a novel computational model for the transmission of medieval texts. The project staff will work in cooperation with the ACDH/Uni Graz to incorporate this model into the long-term research data storage and archival system, GAMS, being developed in Graz.


             Wolfgang Schmale, ed. (2015), Digital Humanities: Praktiken der Digitalisierung, der Dissemination und der Selbstreflexivität. Historische Mitteilungen - Beihefte, vol. 91. Wiesbaden: Franz Steiner Verlag.


             Martin Tschiggerl and Thomas Walach won a UNIVIE Teaching Award in 2016, in the category "Lehren und Lernen mit digitalen Medien", for their course "Populäre Geschichtsbilder von 'De bello Gallico' bis 'Assassins Creed'". Tschiggerl and Walach are working on their doctorates in the context of the FSP.